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Traveling to and from Panama is relatively simple and SAFE...pretty much the same as traveling domestically. You can come into Panama City's International airport (Tocuman Int'l - PTY) on any one of many flights on many different airlines. Copa is the airline of Panama, but many airlines provide good service to Panama.

After you land at PTY you will have to go down some escalators to Immigration (Migration in Panama), then you will proceed to pick up your bags and then you will clear customs (Aduana). It is pretty straight forward and there are lots of agents around that speak English if you need help. This process can take as little as 10 minutes, or much longer if there are mulitple flights landing at the same time.

You now have a couple of different options getting out to Boca Chica. You can rent a car and drive the 6 hours from Panama City, or you can fly. If you decide to drive please drive defensively as much of the road is under construction. There are many rental car dealers in Panama City that would be happy to assist you with this. Flying is the shorter and more comfortable option with a 45 minute plane ride possibly being a highlight of your trip.

There are two airlines that fly between Panama City and David, but there are also two airports in Panama city. Airpanama flies from the Domestic Airport in Panama City (Albrook - PAC). Copa Airlines flies out of the International Airport in Panama City (Tocuman - PTY). Both airlines fly to the same airport in David.

I do recommend that you take Copa Airlines as it uses the same terminal that you used when you arrived in Panama. The other Domistic Airport is 30-45 minutes drive time accross the city...this can be sorta scarry?

So after you clear customs and come out the sliding doors you will go up one level and go to the far left side of Copa's ticket counter as you look at it. It is marked Domestic Flights. After checking in you will go back downstaris one level and go into the Domestic Gate. This is once again on the far left side of the terminal, as you look at it. You will get security checked again, and then bussed to the airplane. This sounds complicated, but it is really pretty easy. Again there are agents that speak English available to help you.

Then enjoy the 45 minute plane ride and we will pick you up at the David Airport, or you can rent a car from there as well. You are now just a short hour from starting you Panama Adventure wiith Reel Inn in Panama!

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