How to get to RIIP


How to get to REEL INN IN PANAMÁ

GPS to Marina - N8.2202119, W 82.2226902

GPS to Beached Bungalow and Eco Kayak Tours - N 8.2390313, W 82.2066392

The only way to get to Reel Inn In Panama is to first get on the Pan-American Highway. If you are coming from Panama City, Playa Blanca, or Santiago you will head WEST on the Pan-Am Highway. If you are coming from David or Boquete you will need to head EAST on the Highway. Many of the drivers in Panama do not have much experience driving as owning cars is a fairly new thing here, and when they drive they tend to drive very aggressively. DRIVE DEFENSIVELY!!!

Coming from the East (Panama City, Playa Blanca, and Santiago) is pretty straight forward…the ride takes about 6 hours from Panama City, 4 hours from Playa Blanca, or 3 hours from Santiago, just keep heading WEST. Coming from David or Boquete is also pretty straightforward. From David head EAST and if you are coming from Boquete first go to David and then head EAST. There is a back way from Boquete, but it gets confusing, and getting lost is always a possibility. The ride from David takes about 1 ½ hours…again all this depends on how the construction is going.

There are some small distance markers on the highway. They start at 0 km which is in Panama City, and go to about 440 km which is in David. The turn off to Reel Inn is at the 399 km marker. Many of the km marker signs have been knocked down from the construction, but if you look for them you see quite a few still up and visible. They are little black or blue signs that will say something like 250 – 200…this means 250km and 200mts from Panama City. Most of the bridges also have km marker signs on them.

You will turn at km marker 399 and head SOUTH. There is lots of construction at this intersection. There is a store on the north side of the highway, and a tire shop/coffee stop on the south side. You will head SOUTH on this turn off toward the towns of Horconcitos and Boca Chica. In about 4 km you will come to the town of Horconcitos. You will go by a police barracks, then zig zag through the town…just follow the signs to all the resorts. In the main part of the town you will veer RIGHT at the town park, then 100 mts down the road you will turn LEFT at the far side of town. There is a bus stop here, and again…just follow the signs to all the resorts. About 10 or 12 km out of Horconcitos you will see a fork in the road…take the RIGHT fork. The left fork goes to Playa Hermosa…do not take this fork…take the RIGHT fork toward Boca Chica.

Reel Inn in Panama (for beached bungalow and eco kayak tours) is the first entrance in Boca Chica. It is on the right side of the road with our welcoming sign clearly visible. Take a RIGHT here, follow the bumpy road for 2.4 km and you will arrive at our little “Slice of Paradise”. This road can be pretty bumpy, like many roads in Panama. It is suggested you get a car with the most ground clearance possible. It is not 4 wheel drive, but there are a few rocks that stick up a little more than others…just drive slow.

If you are meeting us at the Marina to fish, continue past our entrance and go on into the tiny town of Boca Chica. You will first go by the entrance for Bocas del Mar Resort and then the entrance for Seagull Cove Resort, both on the left side of the road. In Boca Chica take a RIGHT at the fork and continue on past the resort of Roxy’s, then the store. Just before the church you will take a RIGHT. Go down the hill, up the hill, past one road, and the marina will be the next metal gate on the right. There might be somebody there to let you in, and there may not. If not just open the gate, and close it behind you. We will be waiting for you here. Lets go have some fun!!

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