Eco Tours & Adventures


Eco Tours & Adventures

The Eco-Tours offered at Reel Inn In Panama range from tranquil to…well not so tranquil! On the tranquil side of things, we can take you in a Boat to a Private Beach where you can lounge away in a hammock, have a picnic, or look for treasures above and below the water. or enjoy a Guided Kayak Tour through the pristine Estuary where you are surrounded by mangroves & Mother Nature or on the not so tranquil side of things: we can dance with 40 foot Humpback Whales, or try some Inshore Fishing and hunt for some of the fish that populate these magnificent waters. There is PLENTY to do on & off the water- but the water is more fun!!!

Reel Inn in Panama's Eco Tours offer Boat Rides to the inshore Islands surrounding our little fishing village of Boca Chica & they are right out of Jurassic Park with a little National Geographic thrown in! Inshore Fishing for Roosterfish, Cuberra & Snappers, Estuary Fishing & Exploring, Private Beach Getaways with a Picnic & Snorkeling, or just plain Relaxing! Whale watching is also an exciting way to spend a day. The Humpback Whales make their appearance in late July and stick around until late October. These 40 foot monsters come all the way from the Antarctic to the warm waters off of Panama to birth & train their young. It is fun to watch these big mamas training their cute little rascals… 20 foot rascals, but rascals none the less!

Prices for these tours are $400/full day and $300/half day. The Inshore boat holds 2-4 passengers plus Capt.  Price includes boat, Capt, all equipment, picnic lunch, snacks & cold drinks. We pick you up at your resort's dock or at the boat yard in Boca Chica & wisk you away for a Great Day on the Water!!!!

Got a bigger Group of Family or Friends..... go exploring, beaching, picnicing, whale watching..... in our 12 passenger Boston Whaler. There is plenty of room for everyone!! Prices begin at $800 & can be customized to fit your every wishes!!! Make it YOUR DAY & make it special with us!  Book Now!

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